10 Cheat Sheets for DIY Home Renovation Projects

10 Cheat Sheets for DIY Home Renovation Projects!

In order to get the best result in anything you need to know what you want and how to get it. Renovating our homes is something we all do. It is necessary to have a clear plan for your renovation and even little details are important in the end. A lot of things can go wrong and these renovation cheat sheets will hopefully minimize the mistakes and help you get and end result that is spectacular and stunning.

1. Styles of chair backs

When doing a home renovation, it is necessary to have some things custom made. You want to have some unique touch to your house. Custom made furniture can really be a great touch. This chart will show you the various types of chair backs if you want to have a custom made chair in your kitchen or living room. Source!

2. Door configurations

If you are wondering what type of chair to order for the front of the house then this chart comes in handy. This chart will teach you all the basic door configurations from glass and panel.

3.Various Types of Molding

Molding is an important little detail in your home that hides away lots of hard edges and also adds decorative flourish to the home. There are various types of moldings for different purposes and effects. This chart shows different types of moldings you can use in your renovation projects.

4. Best Flooring for your home

Deciding the best flooring for your home can be a task and you really need to know what to look for to get the best result. There lots of factors to consider such as the cost of the materials, complexity of the installation, durability of the materials, ease of maintenance and cleaning etc. This infographic really summaries all the aspects that you need to consider in a very concise way. It is really very helpful indeed. Source

5. Understand Color Psychology

Colors have a huge impact on our psychology and this is why you feel more comfortable in some rooms and not in others. This cheat sheet will give you some really great ideas about the colors to use in your house. This is a great starting point for your home design and makes the process little easier.

6. How to Hang Art

There are many different layouts when it comes to hanging art on the wall. Everyone has their own preferences which why you need this little cheat sheet. This is something to play around with when the bigger renovation projects have been completed.

7. Area Rug size guide for kitchen and dining room

This simple rug size guide gives you a good idea about the rug size and shape to match your chairs and table. when pulling out the chairs for example you want the legs to stay on the rug, which prevents them from going off balance. This might not seem important but little things like this matter. Source

8. Different styles of windows

When you order a window for your home you need to know the various types of windows there are. Every window type has a different function and you need to know exactly what you are looking for in terms of functionality and appearance.

9.Ergonomic kitchen and barstools

Obviously we sit a lot on the stools in your kitchen and if you have not thought about the ergonomic aspects of the kitchen stools and table then you are going to be very uncomfortable. This picture will show you the right heights for the counters and kitchen tables. and also the corresponding heights of the chairs and stools. This is a very useful cheat sheet when going shopping for tables and stools.

10.Types of recessed lights

Recessed lights can successfully be used in a commercial setting as well as the home. Knowing what type of light to use depends greatly what you want to use it for where. some recessed lights have directional lighting while others can provide more or less light. This chart helps to make the decision a lot easier and quicker for sure.

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